Direct Method of Estimating Errors of Sensors of Strapdown Inertial Navigational Systems

Authors: Tereshkov V.M. Published: 03.11.2013
Published in issue: #3(80)/2010  

Category: Navigational & Gyroscopic Systems  
Keywords: inertial navigational systems, Kalman filter, errors of sensors

The direct method is proposed for estimating errors of sensors of a strapdown inertial navigational system on the mobile base. As compared to the traditionally applied Kalman Filter, the direct method requires the less amount of a priori information and provides the higher reliability of estimation. Additionally, it allows obtaining estimations rather in the closed form than by iterations, which reduces transients or eliminates them completely. The method is considered in relation to the semi-full-scale simulation of inertial navigational systems and approbated in the course of tests of the inertial measuring unit of medium class of precision.