Interferometer to Control Convex Hyperbolic Surfaces of Small Diameter

Authors: Puryaev D.T., Kulakova N.N., Burmak L.I. Published: 08.02.2015
Published in issue: #1(100)/2015  
DOI: 10.18698/0236-3933-2015-1-132-141

Category: Physics | Chapter: Optics  
Keywords: Fizeau interferometer, convex hyperbolic mirror, control of optical surface quality, wave aberration

Control of small diameter convex hyperbolic surfaces on Fizeau interferometer is analyzed, and the field of these surfaces application is specified. Survey of existing methods to control such aspherical surfaces, principal dependencies describing optical element positions into the interferometer, and aberration relationships, are presented. Aberration analysis for operating branch of interferometer is performed. Further, investigation results are presented for eccentricity ranges and radii of curvature at the apex of controlled hyperbolic reflecting surfaces, and for the control precision corresponding to those ranges. Modified layout of interferometer with the registration branch is proposed.


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