Advanced Combined System of Stabilization and Orientation of Small Spacecrafts

Authors: Petukhov R.A. , Yevstifeev V.V.  Published: 09.09.2013
Published in issue: #1(86)/2012  

Category: Navigational & Gyroscopic Systems  
Keywords: spacecraft, control system, stabilization, orientation, microelectromechanical systems, jet micro engines, gravity, dynamics

with jet micro engines is offered, which has no analogs for nanodimensional satellites (with a mass below 10 kg). Advantages of the spacecrafts with the offered system and the field of their application are indicated. Constructional schemes of the spacecraft and methods for its preliminary damping, orienting and stabilizing (and also formulas for calculation of the required number of jet micro engines) are given. Mathematical models of dynamics of angular and orbital motion of the spacecraft are presented.