Magnetic Compensation for a Zero Signal in a Two-Axis Hybrid R-R-R-Type MEMS Gyro

Authors: Konovalov S.F., Ponomarev Yu.A., Mayorov D.V. Published: 19.12.2013
Published in issue: #4(93)/2013  

Category: Navigational & Gyroscopic Systems  
Keywords: microelectromechanical angular rate sensor, gyroscope, quadrature error

Currently a main obstacle to high-performance of MEMS gyros is the quadrature error, which is basically caused by geometry distortion of the flexible suspension during its manufacturing. The two-axis hybrid R-R-R-type MEMS gyro and the causes of originating of the shape distortions of the flexible suspension cross-section, which lead to emergence of pendulum stray oscillations around the gyro output axes, are considered. The way for compensation for a zero signal (induced by the quadrature error) by transforming a shape of the magnetic field in working gaps of torque motors is offered. To increase an efficiency of the offered method, the selection of shape geometry ofmagnetic conductor influencing the magnetic field shape in gaps is performed. The efficiency of the offered method is estimated, and conclusions on the possibilities of its application are drawn.


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