The Technology of Automated Monitoring of Geological Processes in the Zone of Laying the Main Pipelines

Authors: Gryaznev D.Yu., Aleksandrov A.A., Sushchev S.P. Published: 17.08.2013
Published in issue: #2(91)/2013  

Category: Informatics & Computing Technology  
Keywords: pipeline, main, safety, monitoring, inspection point, tilt meter, geology, landslide

The main pipelines are exposed to impact of the geological processes, the monitoring of parameters of which becomes complicated due to variety of landscapes, lack of wire communication lines and continuous power supply, high cost and a large number of the involved personnel, etc. The solution of a technical task on ensuring the high autonomy and duration of work of the equipment for geological processes monitoring in a zone of laying the main pipeline is proposed. The concept of technology of the automated monitoring of geological processes is proved; features of its implementation and outlook for its development are shown.


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