Promising Method for Detecting Aperiodic Pulsed Signals of Extraneous Electromagnetic Radiation

Authors: Anzhenko A.A., Bonch-Bruevich A.M., Gumennyy K.A., Sychev M.P. Published: 15.06.2016
Published in issue: #3(108)/2016  
DOI: 10.18698/0236-3933-2016-3-42-50

Category: Instrument Engineering, Metrology, Information-Measuring Instruments and Systems | Chapter: Telecommunication Systems, Networks and Devices  
Keywords: extraneous electromagnetic radiation, aperiodic pulsed signals, deferred signal analysis, signal recording, operating efficiency, measuring system

The article discusses the issues of evaluating the effectiveness of the search system of aperiodic pulsed signals of the extraneous electromagnetic radiation and their parameters. The article looks at various causes of pulse signals of the extraneous electromagnetic radiation and describes methods for their detection with modern measuring instruments. We make a formal statement of the problem of detecting pulse signals of the extraneous electromagnetic radiation. According to the studies done we evaluated the efficiency of measuring instruments which use the existing methods, as well as the proposed approach to assessing the energy pulse signals of the extraneous electromagnetic radiation by comparing the systematic and random errors in the measurements obtained by each of the methods.


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